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How do I pursue therapy services at Skyline?

Contact our office at 505-281-1811 to place your child on our waiting list. We will also require your child's pediatrician to send us a referral for the service(s) you want your child to receive (occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or speech-language therapy. Our fax number is 505-281-7704.

What if I am not sure if/what therapy services my child needs?

We are happy to schedule your child for an evaluation to help identify his/her strengths & weaknesses and to determine qualification for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or speech- language therapy. Please contact our office at 505-281-1811.

How are therapy services paid for?

We accept most major health insurance - including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian, Tricare, Cigna, Western Sky, Molina, United. We also accept private pay. Co-payments for commercial insurance are dependent on each individual plan - you can call you member services # on the back of your insurance card and ask about co-payment rates for outpatient therapy services.

If my child begins services, how long will he/she need therapy?

It depends! Each child is unique and responds at his/her own pace. We strive to complete re-evaluations every 6 months to assess progress and determine a child's further plan of care.

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